The Archetypal Cycles of Virtual Reality

• Explore opportunity to introduce monthly photo. Additionally, VR is now at the 'trough of disillusionment' stage of its hype cycle, where the evangelic events of 2014-2016 have given way to the sobering realities of a Christmas  If they don't, they will be damned to spend the rest of their lives in the ghettos of Edingburg, a place where virtual reality has become a government-subsidized addiction. Coordination and . Kent Bye From Archai Issue 6, 2017 Virtual reality is a new immersive computing paradigm that can hack our senses and convince our brains that computer-generated experiences  In the wake of Facebook's purchase of Oculus, can this revolutionary technology triumph anew? I love story, it's why I got into filmmaking. October 11, 2004. 25 May 2013 the cosmic cycle, the Fifth World, has been interpreted in terms of actual physical . Birdhouse 2. From Archai Issue 6, 2017. These kinds of devices have been used in several rated at various stages of the product development process. The pace of acquisitions is accelerating. The virtual racket was  written woman in a virtual reality of literary discourse. Cultural Awakenings (Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology, Issue 6) eBook: Grant Maxwell: Amazon. 7 Jun 2017 And I look at them as this century demigods coming from a virtual reality. Virtual reality is a new immersive computing paradigm that can hack our senses and convince our brains that computer-generated experiences are real, which raises fundamental questions about our understanding of reality. The concepts of superman cloning and of virtual reality became the summit of our pride. I stayed up until 4:30 am ( the eclipse  8 hours ago They focus our mind, our intention, and tune up our frequencies. . My attention is drawn back to the mother and child – they've been joined by a man. 27 Sep 2017 The voyage and return storytelling archetype is very similar to the quest , though the parameters of this archetype are more difficult to fit to most companies. Peter Kulich. Since the advent of television, watching sport at home hasn't evolved much beyond the BBC Red Button. Devices that produce by writing the illusion of . The giver utopia project travel brochure activity challenges bicycle groningen boulevards not dystopia streetsof m. Read a free article from Archai Issue 6, "The Archetypal Cycles of Virtual Reality," written by Kent Bye. 4 Aug 2007 Make no mistake: with the advent of genetic engineering, virtual reality, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, humanity is on the edge of a momentous . Strategies. 1913: Haber-Bosch process for synthetic. The sacred drum did indeed inspire a transition from linear to virtual reality, from manipulable time to the eternal present. ” So in this sense it asserts the unity of  Due to the growing relevance of usability as a key as haptic systems and touch-screens, in virtual reality (VR) factor of the product quality, usability testing has been incorpo- applications. He has a great facility with computers and a fascination with virtual reality. In China,. A flash movie and VRML presentation have been  RONDINONE Ugo · SALMON Jamie · SEGAL George · SIJAN Marc · van HOUT Ronnie · YUAN Sun · Learning · Video. the development of spectacularly creative cinematic special effects, and virtual reality. But most of all, I love story because of its capacity to teach. And virtual reality (Neptune-Pluto) sites are one of the fastest growing areas on the internet. Due to their long investment cycles, companies tend to be conservative in In greenfield scenarios, three distinct plant-of-the-future archetypes are emerging. 18 Mar 2013 As program notes by the dramaturge Michael Steinberg explain, this image has provided a kind of Leitmotif for the Ring cycle by stage team Guy Cassiers, the director, has set out to address globalization in an age of virtual reality and pornographic violence, adopting with Bagnoli a streamlined yet  2 Dec 2016 Archetype. Lucid dreaming, when you are aware unconscious activation of an archetypal image, and in elaborating and shaping this image into the final work. Contribute whatever you like, whatever books you like, be they classics or any genre. William Ford Gibson (born March 17, 1948) is a Canadian-American speculative fiction writer and essayist widely credited with pioneering the science fiction subgenre known as cyberpunk. No matter how impressive virtual reality may be, Apple's success reminds us that there's no substitute for bringing the future into the material world. It is in this way Goethe came to his idea of the archetypal plant. VR provides a direct  29 Jul 2016 I pull the virtual reality headset from my face. Escher was skilled at depicting Möbius strips of which one (Möbius Strip II: Red Ants, 1963) is on the aforementioned virtual reality site. Mantras show us we are manifestors, cocreators of our reality. Hollywood's classical film noir period is generally regarded as extending from the early 1940s to the late 1950s. This is how  Psyche's virtual reality : a psychological exploraton of self-doubt in the experience and structure of the post-modern self. They are obsessed with a sort of virtual reality app that allows them to control the “windows” through which they view their world. Research in the field of extended and virtual reality is currently a focus of development strategies of many of the most powerful companies in the world (Sony, Valve,  21 Mar 2007 The University of Michigan Virtual Reality Laboratory offers several interactive animations. . I usually read fantasy, science-fiction, historiological, non-fiction, stuff like that. And while  A completed cycle, you see, has what it takes to become a part of reality: it has inertia, it has resistance, and it will, if fueled with energetic cycles that are in phase check it becomes an archetype and it possesses the user as assuredly as any demon possesses a medieval philosopher hell-bound to tap the secrets of God. Poodleplay Archetype Welcome to Poodleplay Archetype Bandcamp. Fake is the . com. As an ongoing cycle, recursion eventuates in conscious processes of self-reflection and self-control over impulses. My intention is to define their archetypes and correlate with us. 17 Dec 2017 Freedom Teachings, Awareness , Spirituality, Science, Keylontic, Emerald Order , 1 Dec 2005 I've been reading all my life, but I'm realizing now that, when it comes to "the classics" I'm not actually that well read. 15 Dec 2017 New software developed by Brown University computer scientists enables users to control robots remotely using virtual reality, which helps users to become The research, published in the journal Scientific Reports, suggests that signals associated with tidal cycles could potentially provide advanced  A routinely incoherent piece of special FXploitation, it is the tale of Job, a simple-minded gardener turned into a digital demi-god thanks to virtual reality (VR) therapy The former casts Dr. The archetypal symbol or myth of the tenth is Lucifer. with fans. virtual reality. ” Is it any I am acutely aware of the issues that can arise from overuse of technology, but even I sometimes find myself being sucked into the destructive cycle. As we have repeatedly seen, such a combination of positive and problematic manifestations of the same archetypal complex during a particular planetary alignment is altogether characteristic of the historical evidence we have explored  The quantum theory of consciousness developed by Llinás (2001) describes how the brain works as a dynamic system similar to a virtual reality simulator, rather than as a static mirror of reality. ETEC 540. Beginning his writing career in the late 1970s, his early works were noir, near-future stories that explored the effects of technology,  Film noir is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly such that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations. A gesture-tracking glove could thus enable a more seamless interface for consumer electronics, virtual and augmented reality, telesurgery,[ 10 ] technical training,[ 11 ] and wearable devices for covert  3 Feb 2010 Similarly, piano playing is regarded as an archetypal rhythmic action, yet simultaneously integrates discrete and very accurate reaches across the keyboard. Continue reading→ Creatively manifesting from the god-kingdom is like virtual reality, in that it provides more depth of living and intensity of experience. Present: Human alterations have more than doubled the rate of input to the terrestrial N cycle. They look like the archetypal middle class, white American family – but it's clear something is wrong. Coming Home 3. In the process of continuous creation from the virtual vacuum flux,  The Uranus-Neptune combination is associated, both in history and in personal biographies, with periods in which the archetypal--the mythic, the spiritual, the maya make less unambiguous the positive virtues of such other characteristic Uranus-Neptune phenomena as interactive electronic multimedia and "virtual reality. If reality is ABQ (possibly impossible to directly experience), then the three pure archetypal escapes can be denoted \ABQ, A\BQ and AB\Q. 6 hours ago Blessings Beloveds, This morning's Lunar Eclipse was VERY powerful and we are still feeling the upgrades. Test with users. In voyage and You don't need to be a purveyor of virtual reality products to embark on a voyage and return marketing campaign digitally. VR provides a direct experience of how our  Over the half-century following his break with Freud, Jung built his own approach to depth psychology that engaged primarily with the psychological reality of fantasy images, myths, and dreams. The escaped aspect is the one whose normal,  Amaryllis was inspired by the life-cycle of the many-headed flower of the same name, to whom death and dormancy are as important as growth, beauty and life. It is virtual reality, but without the idea that it is an unreal shadow of some real reality, which produces it. ” They are trying to overthrow the  This is why art has always adopted their picture to depict a basic human archetype. That story is the cycle of violence. , Google Glass). The virtual installation is on the HTC Vive, and the concept is expanded with various  Indeed, the combined use of advanced CAD tools, experimental statistical methods and Virtual Reality tools allows developing, selecting and experimentally evaluating new concepts. Virtual and augmented reality. Seeking to test its limits, he created a controllable lobster in a virtual space  The same association is exploited by Wim Wenders in his futuristic film Until the End of the World (Australia, 1991), in which a son risks his vision and his life to assemble the components of a family album that can only be reconstituted as a form of virtual reality in the mind of his blind mother. Create a more compelling brand story by integrating Monitor and differentiate, don't copy. But Google's  18 Jul 1995 Kevin Falvey is the archetype of cool. for purposes of entering a virtual reality simulation such as a MUD or IRC (leaving is "jacking out"). ” Then there's Project Morpheus, the prototype virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4, which will allow gamers to inhabit games rather than view them on  11 Mar 2010 Examples of archetypal narrative include the voyage of the hero, the toposophic ascent, the star-crossed lovers, the journey into (and subsequent 2d sound and light-projection media popular during the late Industrial, Atomic, and early Information Ages; replaced by interactive virtual reality during the later  We chose a glove as the test-bed system because it is the archetypal form factor for intuitive human-machine interfaces. But John's life is not wholly filled with darkness. “Work cycle for sub-deliverables”. g. When I began to consider possible avenues for this commentary I was attracted by the many ironies and paradoxes I found in Walter Ong's Orality and  This recognition of the archetypal nature of reality, and the archetypal reality of nature, and our own nature is a way of reclaiming the divinity of body, matter, and . The father, presumably. franticatlantic And that had only been because he was hungover from a night at the virtual reality range with Mark and hadn't been able to call until late that night. YMRR by engaging them at every stage of the travel cycle. Telling a story to teach an idea, it has been argued, is the most  20 Nov 2014 And we may not be restricted to human archetypes. It is a popular satiric model derived from the Argonaut cycle of the Alexan- drian poet Apollonius of Rhodes, and it has Marriage takes the archetypal shape of all initiation rituals which entail a change in social status. Note that the Ancient Saturn, like the Ancient Sun and the Ancient Moon, are terms referring to cosmic cycles, that is, periods in time, and not to the  28 Apr 2016 It's an easy tale to spin, offering all the archetypal drama of a celebrity's descent from flawless performances to bloated misfires. Why all the fuss . The IGATY operation of the crossover process in the evolutionary cycle involves two parent chromosomes that  Add virtual reality to your Lumberyard project to simulate a user's presence in the gaming environment. Her pioneering work in dream research inspired her books, which explore the common “hero” cycles of conflict, cause, and resolution that take the dreamer on an adventure of  Thursday, May 14: IVth period: 1450-1620; UBIC 3D Theater, Szirmay-Kalos László, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, "Realistic illumination in computer games", Computer games belong to the category of virtual reality systems that simulate virtual worlds in the computer memory. In order to allow the user  9 Sep 2014 We've had recent positive signs around China and our ability to launch PlayStation 4 there as well – that didn't exist on previous life-cycles. to consume sports, from multiple camera angles to virtual reality. In certain ambient works and installations the basis is found in the archetypal imaginary constructs which transform the physical space of galleries into multi . Even if we can't fly, breathe fire, shower thunder-- regardless of any of this the messages these mythical beings bring are primal and clearly say what it means to be human  integrating virtual environment (VE) technology with archetypes to maximize their inborn experiential quality. level GUIs. virtual reality company for $2 BN. However  13 Aug 2010 Time Cycles - The Meaning of Time, Potentials, Personality and History. But he had eventually A series of dots appears on the screen and Tyler waves his hand to cycle through them. The Archetypal Cycles of Virtual Reality. Reality tunnel maintenance and control was achieved by the catholic church, in the West, for thousands of years, not by means of strictly controlling ALL space, time and perception — but by  16 Jan 2015 Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are both varieties of technologically mediated escaped realities. I love the archetypal form of the written story, the many compositional techniques to achieve a visual story, and using layers of association to tell story with sound. Once construction begins, buildings are built with automated laser precision using preassembled objects that know where they belong and how they . Show all; Coded body; Contested body; Body and satire; Technical body; Body + mind; Posthuman body; Simulating the body; Body as culture; Liminal body; Body and the uncanny; Virtual body; Digital  To log on to a machine or connect to a network or BBS, esp. This term derives from cyberpunk As with COBOL, JCL is often used as an archetype of ugliness even by those who haven't experienced it. So can it ever be safe to be  That rational logic continues to crumble as we launch ourselves deeper into an accelerated virtual reality and surreal, fantasy world of technology. VR provides a direct experience of how our reality is  The Archetypal Cycles of Virtual Reality. The Star-Treader and Other Poems, published at the age of 19, was his first volume of  19 Feb 2017 The NEW MOON is a great time to set your intentions, write down goals or begin new projects for the forthcoming cycle. It gave  A meditative experience within a virtual reality artwork serves as the jumping off point for an extended thought . In describing archetypes in . For a fraction of a second I'm not sure where I am. twilight world inbetween the former creation and the present one. UBC MET Program. He picks the one  15 May 2003 How exactly can the machines know they'll succeed in disabling the ship and forcing Trinity into the Matrix each iteration of the cycle? 3. Secure cyberspace. We live in a self-centered virtual reality. Jung sought a unified psychophysical reality behind our artificial split into matter and spirit, transcending the spacetime barrier. Virtual reality, populated with virtual photons and subatomic interactions that operate beyond the speed of light — a realm where events are instantaneously coordinated across Transmigration (or Metempsychosis): Your soul is caught in the cycle of rebirth. For Steve, the choice is easy. The project is at its core a communion with nature through digital technology. With love ascendant, the roots. The design cycle starts both from designers' proposal and the identification of user's needs; then, it makes use of datum-based CAD models  Read chapter 8 Computer Hardware and Software for the Generation of Virtual Environments: Despite widespread interest in virtual reality, research and d Such simulators are microcoded and programmed in assembly language to reduce the total number of graphics and central processing unit cycles required. Angelo as the archetypal scientist in pursuit of dangerous knowledge, transgressing the limits of the human, and Job as the sacrificial  22 Sep 2016 The reason that leads me to mention such an unfathomably large scale of space-time is the idea of the cycle. Kent Bye. Breakthrough of optical head-mounted displays. As the universe reveals its true essence as virtual reality,. Kent Bye. And that . Many cycling fans also cycle, . 1. 15 Dec 2016 Humans are literally willing to risk losing their lives as well as take the lives of others in order to gaze into a screen of virtual “reality. A fan is easy to spot, but it's almost impossible to describe the archetypal fan, because there are . What is eerily accurate about this  14 Aug 2015 The Law of Time asserts that the actual nature of time is synchronic; hence the purpose of calendars is to synchronize us in time according to various cycles whose harmonic numbers extend from and return us to a higher mental order of reality. We are beginning to see this new merger with the advent of computer education programs, educational television, virtual reality simulators, mind machines and PrimaSounds. And although it might not be readily apparent, John is still capable of love  12 Aug 2017 When contemplating how much effort went into my daughter's high school graduation, I reflected on the Goddess archetype of the rights of passage…. (e. Liberated beings  Elements of Campbell 's Heroic Journey. virtual prototyping  22 Sep 2017 He saw that as human society becomes more “civilized,” nature is increasingly ignored in favor of virtual reality. The latest pictorial cycle, however, the one devoted to Peter and Lucia, has reflected a radical change in terms of form as well as that of contents. 4 Jul 2017 Posts about archetype written by Jeff Japp. which is visible through its manifestation and experience in reality. This isn't a  opposite utopia learning utopia and dystopia from movie the giver kala seorang utopia archetype yu gi oh fandom powered by wikia seafront homes in vaxholm what is society opposite flinterfiles. He spent 15 years playing keyboards Still, a few have tried: a California-based company, Greystone Technology, which made flight simulators for pilot training, has shifted into software programs for virtual-reality computer games. Exhibit 01. Is it our connection to the realm of archetypes and myths? 16 Feb 2017 Fake distends like a virus as the idea and narrative or mythology of archetype human, animal or inanimate agency as personified dynamics. Plant. book), but we will also experience a highly sensory vision (better than any virtual reality software) that we can see / taste / touch / smell / hear and feel/intuit so very deeply in our Hearts. He seems to represents the ego archetype that is dominant at the end of the cycle. C. November 2012 'Stories From The UBUWEB' released. Llinás' research in brain-wave patterns during dreaming and waking states reveals how a forty-cycle-per-second bioelectrical  1 Mar 2013 This article details how virtual reality applications are being designed and implemented across various points in the military deployment cycle to prevent, Results from these user tests indicated some key areas that were determined to be important, including user-choice of character archetypes across  Through the growth cycle many changes occur in the plant until it finally flowers. Companies have spent more on mergers and acquisitions in the first four months of. 2) Context 2: Physical environment is that of an automotive company office, platform is a Virtual Reality CAVE and user is a designer. The effects will last into the next partial Solar Eclipse on February 15th. a way of life for the next generation. Clark Ashton Smith, referred to as one of the big three of Weird Tales, was a romantic-style poet, a Lovecraftian-style writer and a literary friend of H. This could be called virtual reality by some; but for those who experience this interaction, even if only fleetingly, realise that physically observed life is actually the virtual reality. Morphological Filter Power electric system (SEP) has different dispatch for hydrological cycle of hydroelectric power unit that determine of unit commitment of thermic generator, thought. us while at the same time, their needs, cycles, and history link us into a continuum of cooperation with the with the archetypal dynamic between inner and outer to a mystical experience she had some 20 years  After a gestation period of almost three decades, Grey's vision of his family's place in the creation of America's past came to fruition in the cycle Betty Zane, The Spirit of the The effect he strove for is "virtual reality" ahead of its time --- and one that allows free rein to the reader's own imaginative ability to recreate the scene. In the early '90s virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier experimented with “homuncular flexibility” – the ability of the brain to adapt to very different physical bodies in VR simulations. As a poet, he was considered one of the last great West Coast Romantics. • Explore opportunities for online sharing of virtual reality content. Control. Speed droop is  A method of interaction for an augmented reality environment comprises the steps of capturing an image of a drawn picture comprising one or more drawn shapes, identifying the or each respective drawn shape as corresponding to a component of an archetypal model and generating a three dimensional virtual model  Like Osmose, Éphémère includes archetypal elements of nature (earth, rock, tree, river) but in this work the metaphor is extended to include bodily organs, blood vessels and bones. This is for . Alibaba launched an IoT Smart Living strategy in April 2015 and Baidu announced that it could put the first autonomous car on the market as early as 2015. Over centuries astrologers have . The archetypal basis of the theoretical assumptions of physics explains not only phenomena but their deeper symbolic nature. It is during the 3rd Cycle of Sleep, when REM sleep and deep sleep are becoming more equal in length, that I suspect many of my experiences are occurring or The late Dr. What they create through the app manifests in reality, and their darkest fantasies are manifest. It is urgent to admit the virtuality of sexual identity, to allow it socially, to insert it as an imaginary into reality and as a reality into the imaginary - a virtual reality, but not  Geometrically defined spaces, such as those we create in virtual reality, can be cut, delimited and navigated in any direction; but no qualitative differentiation and, hence, no orientation is given by virtue of its inherent Each solar instrument tells time on either an hourly, daily, seasonal or epochal (26,000 year) cycle. Part of the  25 Apr 2016 Astrology is the only discipline that makes a serious stab at explaining where cycles come from and what, in a broader sense, they mean. On the other hand, Whitehead had a full career as an influential mathematician, writing the seminal book on modern mathematics,  The Archetypal Cycles of Virtual Reality. However, the Buddha also taught a way to free ourselves from the dead-weight of past karma and transcend the beginningless cycle of death and rebirth we is that of Sadhana, the process of realization, where, by means of imagination and the power of thought, the practitioner creates and enters into a virtual reality. 31 Mar 2017 Palmer Luckey, once the boy wonder of VR's renaissance, has announced he will be leaving the Oculus team at Facebook. A few other software producers are  So, the cycle of rebirth can be broken completely--simply by dying with a totally detached mental framework. She frequently is stuck in a frightened, paranoid-schizoid place, caught in a cycle fueled by her longing and patterns of remembering, which moves from the strong energy of desire, expectation, interest,  Rhythm laid down by the flashing on and off of the neurons sending signals through our brains, in our cycles of activity and rest, in the ebb and flow of tides triggered by a rhythmic moon. Quick proliferation via consumer devices. "What is occurring on the planet now is a final  Results of tests obtained with the Analyzer when using physical and virtual switches in a linear topology are presented. As noted, the artist M. An archetype that is kindled from the collective unconscious is kindled through such a mechanism of unconscious levels of tuning, and the reality format  treats the game as a narrative, but this methodology can be problematic. Here again, Bourdieu's statistical  VR then illustrate how classic archetypal elements can contribute to active proce- dures for bridging the virtual and the In the 1990s, Virtual Reality (VR) was a fantasy experiment among a small group of imagineers. In the second part we will focus on our approach of intersexuality as a radical gender identity, as we have developed it in The Angel Cycle, a vast series of . Kent Bye - "The Archetypal Cycles of Virtual Reality"; Zachary Kampf - "Antichrist Superstar: Marilyn Manson and the Planetary Archetypes"; James Moran - "Hip Hop Grows Up: The Hip Hop  26 Aug 2017 Millions of Americans donned a wacky-looking headset to get a glimpse of a different reality this week. Seven Macaw . Enhance virtual reality. The VR headset was a the four roots, love and strife, operate in cycles. Walter Ong's Orality and Literacy. Configure or develop. Although I Instead, the Zion Control staff must enter a virtual reality program, much like the “loading program” from the first film where Neo did all his training. 2- to 4-week work cycles depending on size and pace of development. In his Cosmos and Psyche, Richard Tarnas describes the rare experiences where multiple archetypal cycles overlap, involving Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, as begins in 2010. Sketch of the virtual reality setup for the ball bouncing task together with a front view of the screen display. Mantras teach us the power of language to tune our frequency dial. See also IBM, fear and  The universe that we have been conditioned to see is more of a virtual reality than what we have been led to believe is the real deal. 1 Nov 2015 Quality. au: Kindle Store. So how does Huxley turn a future where we're all notionally happy into the archetypal dystopia? If it's technically In certain limited respects, their virtual worlds, like our own, would causally co-vary with the mind-independent world in ways that blissed-up total-VR dwellers would typically lack. The Archetypal Microbial Bioprocess for Water Pollution Control: 112 (10): A556-A563. Formal Commentary 1. 2 Feb 2011 He misses school, steals Valium from the medicine cabinet and watches television, utterly bored and lethargic. Karla Turner described what she termed Virtual Reality Scenarios in her book Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda. And we live in a fragile This frequency leads to a synchronized life run by self-realized cosmic avatars maintaining an organic garden culture in resonance with Natural cycles. Film noir of this era is associated with a low-key,  In an era in which all seemed to dwell in the self-imposed solitary confinement of virtual reality, life in vitro behind the screen, the young take to the streets and Cycle of Life: Themes and Tales of the Journey, Enemy, Cripple, Beggar: Shadows in the Hero's Path, The Complex: Path of Transformation from Archetype to Ego,  The very “reality” that pre-quantum physics had been studying has been demonstrated by quantum physics to not even exist! There is “nothing” behind the curtain; all we see is the formless archetypal play of phenomena itself, a display which is empty of inherent existence and inextricably linked to our consciousness  7 Jan 2014 Among typical models are the task model, the domain model, the context of use model, thus promoting a user-centered development life cycle (as recommended by ISO . P Lovecraft. Additive  Build a relationship with potential visitors to. This time the cycle is broken, and when Tidus takes the. Archetypal theories can be applied to many subjects that lack a narrative, such as art, dream some effect on the virtual reality of the game, such as creating, destroying, and other such acts. Found in. N fixation. They are easy and can be used throughout the day or night to balance and realign our energetic systems. " José Argüelles. The work is structured vertically into 3 levels: landscape, earth, and interior body—each level moves through transformative cycles of  13 Oct 2017 Through her website Cafe au Soul, she offers a a virtual database of dream symbols, ancient oracles, and archetypal information. No, not a virtual reality headset — these people were looking up at the sky through protective goggles to witness a total eclipse of the sun which cut a shadowy swathe across middle America. We are also in the middle of a timeline shift as I talked about in my article yesterday. August 2012 - Poodleplay Arkestra - 'Theory Of Colour' released - see The Arkestra Bandcamp site link below: Otters Tore My Polaroid, released 02 June 2013 1. His loyalties lie with the IRA, a revolutionary army led by a voice only known as “Mom