About Us

Anthrocell is an Australian biotechnology company focused on technologies to enable the production of a new generation of bio-pharmaceutical proteins for use as human therauputics.  Our patented Anthrocell(tm) protein expression platform enables the production of recombinant proteins with fully human glycosylation and other post transnational modification patterns.

At Anthrocell, we believe that to achieve our goal of producing ever more sophisticated medicines for succeeding generations, a multidisciplinary research effort is required, spanning disciplines as diverse and as specialised as biophysics, molecular biology, immunology, etc. As such, our strategy is to forge strong industry links with a number of public research institutions in New South Wales and Australia, leveraging their existing research infrastructure and resources without the need to invest vast amounts of capital to replicate what is already available in the public domain.

Anthrocell is a lean organisation, consisting of a small number of effective and dedicated individuals with a collectively vast amount of experience in a diverse array of fields, each contributing their own unique expertise, experience, and contacts to Anthrocell’s growing resource base.